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Scott Keever’s Core competencies include:

Specialties: SEO / Internet Marketing ♦ Staff Development & Servant Leadership ♦ Performance Improvement ♦ Entrepreneur ♦ Customer Retention ♦ Real Estate ♦ Web Design ♦ Strategic Planning ♦ Business Consulting Services ♦ Retail & E-Commerce

Scott is Google Certified in Adwords Search, Adwords Mobile, Adwords Video, Adwords Display, Adwords Shopping, and Adwords Analytics.

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Scott Keever is known as a principled and professional leader with a proven track record of achieving outstanding business results in a number of key functional areas for a fast-paced Fortune 300 company. Accomplished in building results-oriented sales teams, marketing multiple brands/product categories, and increasing market share and net profits. Trusted leader with an effective combination of analytical and interpersonal skills focused on maximizing results through employee development, customer focus and teamwork. Proficient in motivating and leading high-performance teams through strategic vision, management by objectives and creating a collaborative knowledge based culture poised for success. For more information on Scott’s Work visit this page: Learn More

Scott Keever
Scott Keever
Scott Keever SEO



Scott Keever is an ambitious entrepreneur responsible for successful online businesses that generate millions per year. He started with his first company in 2011 and now is a partner in many successful online ventures. If you our interested in partnering up with Scott on your next venture learn more about his services.


Seo | Internet Marketing 

Scott Keever is an expert at combining social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and WordPress Websites. His technical expertise, combined with his big picture vision, helps him create a comprehensive and professional online presence for businesses and business professionals. Scott understands how to build user friendly and professional websites, optimize the pages for organic search, market keywords with paid search advertising, promote products with social media, and integrate all of the pieces for effective analysis, regular monitoring, and simple management. Scott is Google Certified in Adwords Search, Adwords Mobile, Adwords Video, Adwords Display, Adwords Shopping, and Adwords Analytics. Interested in Seo?  Learn More

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Scott Keever SEO

Scott Keever

Scott Keever

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