1st In Seo

Is It Really Worth It To Be 1st In SEO?

When you have a website that you are trying to promote, then that website is clearly doing something for you. You might be trying to bring awareness to a cause you are passionate about, you could be simply trying to make money by directly selling a product or a service, or you could just be looking to accrue contact information by getting people to sign up for a subscriber list for future emails. It’s also quite possibly you just want traffic for your content and you plan to profit off of affiliate listings and ad banners.

Search Engine Optimization

Whatever the case might be, you do search engine optimization to try and get your site up to the top of the list for they keywords that people use to find your site. However, if you are moderately successful here, you might start finding yourself suddenly wondering if it is really worth it to be 1st in SEO for your niche?


Moving up the SERPs is great, because the higher up you are in the listings, then the more organic search traffic is coming to your site and giving you whatever it is that you have been looking for. There’s a certain allure to being king of the hill, the top dog so to speak, the pioneer at the top of the mountain, the point of the pyramid…well, you get the picture. It makes you feel like a winner.

The whole point of SEO is to try and move up the SERPs, but is the 1st position really necessary? It’s a great place to be, but honestly, once you get to the first page, and then to the top five or so rankings, it’s a case of diminishing returns.

If you’re in a low-competition niche, it’s worth going for 1st in the related SEO. Otherwise, it might not be worth the effort. Remember, the goal of moving up the rankings is to get more traffic, not win a battle.