2018 Best SEO Practices

2018 Best SEO Practices
  • June 2, 2017
  • Scott Keever SEO

2018 Best SEO Practices

Best practice when it comes to SEO has become increasingly important over recent years. The days of keyword stuffing and black hat SEO are history, which means that marketers and businesses have to ensure they are putting best SEO practices in place. By familiarizing yourself with 2018 best SEO practices, you will be better placed to ensure that you comply with SEO rules.

Key SEO practices for 2018

2018 best seo practices

In the past, people fought for high rankings through focusing chiefly on keywords. However, things have been changing rapidly when it comes to SEO so you should be aware of the best practices for 2018. This includes:

  • Influencer marketing:

    Influencer marketing has already gained popularity and is set to continue to do so. With Google wiping out black hat SEO tactics, influencer marketing is vital. It is also effective, hence its popularity.

  • Purposeful content:

    You need to make sure that all content you use is purposeful and not just there for ranking reasons. Quality content that is relevant will reduce your bounce rate, which in turn will help to keep your ranking up.

  • Be mobile friendly:

    You need to make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website, as this now affects a website’s SEO score. If you haven’t already had your website optimized for mobiles, this is something that you need to work on.

  • Short but specific content:

    It has been noted that sites with shorter pages of specific content rather than sites that have pages of lengthy content. Therefore, working on creating a variety of shorter content pages is a key practice to consider.

  • Use low competition keywords:

    Many companies compete for high rankings by using the same sets of keywords. This means that they are all vying for high rankings using the same method. With this in mind, you should try and use low competition keywords so that you are not using the same ones as the majority of your competitors.

  • Optimize for semantic language:

    In the past, people have optimized content for specific keywords. However, rather than doing just that you should also optimize for semantic language and understand the context of your keywords.

Making sure you consider these best SEO practices can help you to achieve a higher level of success when it comes to your rankings.

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