5 New AdWords Features to Try in 2017

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  • September 22, 2017
  • Scott Keever SEO

If you have been around in the world of Google and digital marketing you probably know by now how AdWords functions. The year 2016 is nowhere to be seen and 2017 is also almost gone as well. But there are still traces of 2016 among us. Google made several updates to AdWords in the past and these are calling to us from the year past. They added a significant number of features to it and continue to do so even as we speak. The following new features in AdWords are the ones that you should be looking for in 2017:

1. Expanded Text Ads

Google has kept user intent in mind while designing their ecosystem. Advertisers now get more room to convey their message across to their audience through expanded texts ads. The extra space can be utilized to tell more about their products and services and also allows for better understanding of the offering.

  • Now we get 2 headline fields for up to 30 characters each
  • An expanded description field, 1 in number that can store up to 80 characters
  • A display URL for your final URL’s domain
  • The ad’s URL also features two optional ”Path” fields for up to 15 characters each

2. Local Search Ads On Google Maps

Google has finally succeeded in connecting people online to the places in the real world. Google can now track if a user actually went to the business after completing their search. Google launched ads that appear on our desktop and on the mobile versions of Google Maps. These new ads can lead people in search of the shop or destination directly to the location in question. Users can also view extra features like call and directions. These buttons can also be used to discover information like store times and days of operation.

3.New Interface For 2017

AdWords is over 16 years old now. Since its birth we’ve seen a massive difference in the way people use the internet. Today users make searches across multiple mobile and connected devices. This has fragmented our attention span and necessitated Google to create more powerful tools for AdWords that are still very simple to use. The new dashboard of AdWords is very stylish and robust already giving some accounts the ability to get a preview of the new interface. Google claims that the new features and changes in AdWords will make it easier to navigate and find data needed to optimize the user’s account.
New Interface1

4. Life Events Targeting

Now, AdWords has new feature that allows you to use life events to target consumers both in your YouTube and Gmail Ads. You can go big and bold when it comes to garnering positive response from your users by being highly targeted and creative. There are certain patterns in the behavior of individuals that suggest a major shift in their life. These developments are often indicative of what they are going through in their professional and personal lives. Therefore, this is different than targeting their everyday purchases like soap, chips and cigarettes. Now ads can be well targeted according to these huge life changing events.

5. Google Optimize

This may be the landing page solution we all have been waiting for. After the introduction of their new user interface, there comes Google Optimize. This feature will now integrate with AdWords, which will give advertisers more alertness while testing landing pages. According to a statement from Google, the Optimize when integrated with AdWords will allow users to quickly and easily create new versions of their website landing pages. These can then be applied to any combination of their AdWords campaigns or ad groups, and also existing keywords without any coding or need for any webmaster. Look out for these changes and move beyond your competition.

Google optimize

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