Best Link Building Strategies in 2018

2018 link building strategies
  • April 26, 2017
  • Scott Keever SEO

Over the coming months, many people will be thinking about their SEO strategies for 2018. With the world of SEO regularly going through changes, it is important to develop a strategy in advance, which includes thinking about your link building. Looking at the best link building strategies in 2018 will make it easier to incorporate this into your overall SEO strategy for next year.

Some top strategies to keep in mind for 2018

Experts are already determining what the best link building strategies will be for 2018. By taking note of these and building them into your overall SEO strategy for next year, you can help to boost your SEO success. Some of the tips to bear in mind include:

  • Fewer links from more sites

    Some people focus on trying to get loads of links from one single site. However, what you need to try and do is focus on getting just a few links but from a higher number of sites.

  • Get links from multiple domains

    You should try and ensure you are able to get links from multiple domains. This will help to show that your information is useful to many sources, as search engines take the relevance and usefulness of your content into consideration when ranking sites.

  • Make sure you use high-quality links

    We all know that the quality of content on your site is vital when it comes to rankings. However, the quality of your links is also extremely important, so you need to ensure you are linking to high quality, authoritative sites.

  • Use deep links

    Rather than using links to send traffic to the main page of your site use deep or ingrained links. These are links that will direct traffic to other pages of your site, demonstrating that you have valuable content across the whole site and not just on the homepage.

  • Use links to local sites as well

    Many people focus on trying to develop international backlinks. However, you also need to focus on linking to local sites, as otherwise, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities.

These are some of the link building strategies that you should incorporate into your SEO plan for 2018.

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