Big Cat Rescue Tampa

How Big Cat Rescue In Tampa Works To Save Performing Animals From Cruelty

Big Cat Rescue Tampa

Many large animals, from elephants to lions, have been in circus acts and other types of performances for hundreds of years. However, in just the past few decades many people have come to realize that holding these animals in captivity and forcing them to perform against their will is cruel and inhumane. For a lot of people, it’s a new way of thinking, something that really hadn’t crossed their minds before as they watched animals perform since they were children. But, as time goes on, more and more people are coming to the realization that just because it’s amusing for us to watch, doesn’t make it right or moral. Now, there are organizations forming in order to rescue animals from the entertainment industry and former pets to give them their freedom. Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida is one of the largest of these groups, here’s how and why they do what they do.

Behind The Scenes The Animals Are Treated Cruelly

Part of the problem with many of the traveling animal shows is that what you see up on the stage or in the circus ring doesn’t really represent how badly the animals are treated. Due to cost restraints, many of the animals are sick, injured, or in poor health and don’t receive proper medical help as needed. They are expected to perform, day in and day out, whether they are hurt, injured, or sick.

In the US, only the United States Department of Agriculture has jurisdiction over the performing animals and their regulations are mostly intended for cattle raised for food, not performing animals used in circuses. This has led to regulations that allow the animals to be caged in tiny cages that only permit them to stand up and turn around. However, there is also an exception allowing smaller cages for up to 60 days at a time. The 60-day exception resets each time the animals leave their cages to perform meaning smaller cages can be used indefinitely.

Big Cats Need Even More Room Than Other Animals

Each type of animal has its own needs in order for it to not be in constant stress, large cats need plenty of space to roam without confinement to truly be happy. One of the goals of organizations such as Big Cat Rescue in Tampa is to take donations and buy these circus animals, unwanted pets, cats saved from being fur coats, and other lost big cats and give them a natural habitat where they can live out their lives in freedom.

Tampa Big Cat Rescue Santuary

They have developed a sanctuary called Tampa Big Cat Rescue where over 100 animals are free to roam and live in peace. While they are there, humans can tour the place, but the cats seem to enjoy being spectators as much as the humans that cruise by so it’s a win-win situation. It’s a small price to pay to help cover the costs of food, medical care, fence upkeep and all of the other costs of the program. There is also an easy way to help donate small amounts of money without it costing you a cent and that is by checking “Big Cat Rescue” as your charity each time you make a purchase on Amazon. Then Amazon takes a small commission and sends it to the sanctuary, every little bit adds up at the end of a month.

There are special feeding tours where visitors are able to follow the sanctuary trainers around to the different cats and watch them eat their meals. This can be especially interesting if you think they are docile domesticated animals like your favorite house cat, be ready to be enlightened. Seeing the awesome power of their jaws and teeth are worth waiting for if you have never seen a big cat eat.

If you have an interest in saving big cats or would like to instill the caring message in your children, you can visit the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa just 5 minutes outside the city. There is a special tour for children under 10 on Saturdays and private tours available by appointment as well. It is the worlds largest cat rescue sanctuary and is 100% non-profit so your touring fees go to help pay for the care of the animals.

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