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Local SEO:

There is little debate as to just how effective a tool Local SEO is. In fact, many in the industry regard local SEO as the single most powerful “weapon” one can have in their digital marketing arsenal. Local SEO gives local customers the opportunity to discover companies in their specific locality. Individuals bring up Google in Safari, Chrome or alternate browser and enter the service or product they’re curious about with queries such as “close by me.” With that said, Google shows the most fitting local businesses for that search. With an eye-opening 95% of internet users scouring businesses online, it's imperative that your company is getting found.

Web Design:

Boca Raton SEO professionals Scott Keever & Company are experts in skilled web development while highlighting your business objectives. Our adroit squad of web developers, designers and project managers exploit modern-day technology to shape actionable results and favorable return on investment (ROI). Whether you desire a customized information-rich website or a substantial internet store, we will strive to understand your wants and furnish solutions to coincide with those desires.

Pay Per Click:

Our SEO pros manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) account using carefully selected keywords designed to pull in customers to your website. Highly focused keyword research will establish the most value-driven route to securing buyers who are looking for just the service or product you provide. Employing several research tools, we will generate effective paid search campaigns predicated on meeting your target lead or cost per sale. When you invest in PPC, you will facilitate highly passionate customers in locating your website who could otherwise be unable to find it through standard (organic or natural) search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.


Your label, logo or emblem can promptly relate your story, and we develop the publicity you need to linger in the mind of your clientele. With our coordinated digital marketing and design strategy, our Boca Raton SEO professionals can broaden your business opportunities from the outset. Our personalized strategies and masterful execution increase your digital presence, which consequently converts more would-be buyers and creates life-long customers.

Reputation Management:

In the business world, your reputation means everything. When you establish an internet presence, it is urgent to uphold a solid reputation as everyone, almost regardless of location, has unfettered access to the internet. All it takes is one dissenting opinion or comment from a customer to greatly sway public perception. Ergo, it becomes critical to manage how your brand is received by the internet community. Supported by our reputation management services you'll be confident disapproval from competitors won't hinder customers from engaging in business with you.

Local Map Optimization:

When people perform a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, they are furnished with results that encompass local businesses and a map. The hierarchy of businesses ranked in this location is determined by an algorithm that is separate of the conventional organic listings. It can be affected by the companies actual location, the number of reviews the business has garnered and other components.

Local Maps Optimization endeavors to identify those particular attributes that give businesses the greatest chance to show up in this section. Our Boca Raton SEO experts merge local directory submissions, profile optimization techniques, and other methodologies to impact as many parts of the local formula as feasible.

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