Busch Gardens

How To Get The Most Enjoyment Out Of Busch Gardens In Tampa

Many people love going to amusement parks especially ones that seem larger than life. One such park that is been around for many years is Busch Gardens in Tampa. It is a magnificent park that combines rides, shows and lots of animals! Busch Gardens likes to call itself an animal theme park since it has more than 12,000 of them! For good tips on how to save money and also get the most out of your experience at Busch Gardens Tampa, then keep on reading.

Busch Gardens in Tampa

Resident Discounts

For those of you who live in Florida consider yourself lucky because you can qualify for special discounts resident discounts. Theme parks such as this one can get quite expensive especially if you are taking a family. Thankfully there are plenty of other discounts available to military members, first responders, group events along with your typical camp and school outings. All of these are great ways to save money while not missing out on any of the fun.

Major Attractions In Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens has many attractions for the whole family. Some of the attractions have been highlighted below:

  • In addition to the many thrill rides and animal attractions the park offers, expect to see many shows if that’s your thing. Some of these shows are quite amazing, especially the ones with trained animals. If you go to the Busch Gardens website you can see a calendar of events that lists all of the upcoming shows.

  • Busch Gardens also does special things during the holiday season where you can expect the park to be all decked out in a certain theme. Christmas is one holiday in particular where the park has many Christmas themed events and characters. It is a fun way to celebrate the holidays and share the joy with your entire family. Even those who don’t celebrate Christmas will enjoy the park this time of year since there will be many light decorations.

  • In addition to the fabulous thrill rides and animal attractions, there is plenty of food to enjoy. From your standard hot dog cart to full-service restaurants, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The park is geared towards both kids and adults so expect a wide range of food offerings.

Tips to Explore The Busch Gardens More

  • In order to get the entire experience of Busch Gardens, it is a good idea to download a map of the park. You can get one on the Busch Gardens website or contact them by phone. Having a map before going to the park can help you plan out different events and get to the areas much quicker. Too often at a lot of these bigger thrill parks people miss out because they end up getting lost in the big crowds. This can be very frustrating if you aren’t prepared and don’t know where to go.

  • The park goes out of its way to ensure that everyone is safe and has an enjoyable experience. Be sure to familiarize yourself on what you can and cannot bring into the park. If you are disabled they do have special motorized carts to help you get around and also a pass that lets you skip long lines at some of the attractions.

  • One of the best ways to enjoy Busch Gardens is to book a hotel and amusement park package. Usually, you can get discounted park and hotel rates when booking them together. There are many websites that talk about the best deals to be had at this moment, so search around and you will find them. You can also subscribe to the Busch Gardens email newsletter which offers great discounts at the park, local restaurants, and hotels.

  • Parents love Busch Gardens since they do offer strollers for rent which help prevent the little ones from getting hit with the strong Florida sun. There is also wheelchair rental as well as motorized wheelchair rentals. The park tries their best to accommodate everyone since the goal is for you to enjoy yourself. You can plan ahead by renting these items online so they will be available for you when arriving at the park.

  • Before going to the park take a look at their website to see all of the different attractions and offers. Since the park is located in Tampa, expect lots of local offers too. You can also find packages that include Disney World which is not too far away.

As you can see from above, Busch Gardens in Tampa is truly a one-of-a-kind amusement park that provides fun for the entire family. The only thing left to do is purchase your tickets and head on over to the park for an amazing fun-filled day!

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