Cincinnati Museum

The Many Things To Do At The Cincinnati Museum

While most cities do have museums, few offer the wide variety that they Cincinnati Museum can boast. From natural history to art, there is more to do and see inside their museum center than could be done in just one day. If you are planning a trip to visit or are simply considering it you will want to know all that it has to offer in advance so you can best plan out the time you will spend there. The museum is frequented by execs from the top companies in Cincinnati.

cincinnati museum

Duke Energy Children’s Museum

One of the most popular aspects of the Cincinnati Museum Center is the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. There you will find an array of activities that stimulate children’s minds through hands on learning. There is something for children of all ages, including two areas that were specifically designed to cater to children in preschool and younger. There are opportunities to play, climb and explore to keep their young minds engaged through their entire visit. This is one place that you will not worry about having to say, “don’t touch”.

Inside the Duke Energy Children’s Museum is Nature’s Trading Post. There young explorers can bring in anything that they find in their own back yards and share with the staff what they had learned about each object. As a reward they are given points that can then be redeemed for prizes. This is an amazing way to teach learning through play and get your littles to spend their days outdoors.

Another popular attraction is known as Inside the Grin. There children can explore a mouth by stepping inside. They will learn how proper hygiene protects teeth and gums as well as various functions the dentist would provide. Again the focus is about learning through play so the children will get to floss and brush the giant teeth and explore the kid friendly dentist tools hands on.

Above are just a few of the many exhibits that you can find at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. If you have children or just are a kid at heart it is a great place to learn through fun activities. Definitely worth making a trip to explore.

Cincinnati History Museum

Another great museum in the center is the Cincinnati History Museum. There you can learn about the history of the great city through many eras. It’s most popular attraction is definitely the Cincinnati In Motion exhibit. There you will find a replica of what the city looked like from 1900 to 1940. Included are working street cars, and many stations along the way that bring the history of the city to your fingertips.

At the Cincinnati Goes to War exhibit you can learn all about how the city contributed to the World War II effort while at home. You can hear stories from factory workers that worked to pump out precious items needed at the factory wall. Take a trip on the streetcar to learn about what the citizens did to deal with the rationing of rubber and gas. You can even listen to how one family, known as the Flynn’s, dealt with the many changes that wartime brought average families.

If you enjoy natural history and science then the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science should definitely be at the top of your list. There you will find everything from Ancient Egyptian History to the current world of STEM studies and scientific findings. One of the most popular exhibits is the mummy and history of Umi. He was a young boy in Egypt that was mummified over 1,800 years ago. You will get a detailed look at the culture of his times as well as the process in which he was preserved for the afterlife. It is an absolute must for any age.

If you or your children are fascinated by the world in which the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago then you should take the time to visit Dinosaur Hall. There you will see what it would have been like to walk among these massive creatures. There is no missing the 20 foot long Allosaurus that will leaving the tallest adults feeling small in comparison. Children are especially mesmerized by the sheer size of these creatures. You can also view fossils and casts and learn about which period they lived.

Neil Armstrong Exhibit

Last, but not least, is the exhibit dedicated to the memory of Neil Armstrong. He was originally from Ohio and is best known for being the first man to step foot upon the moon. During an award ceremony in which he was the guest of honor he donated a moon rock that he brought home from his Apollo 11 mission. You can also view his space suit and various tools that were used during that iconic voyage into space.

The many museums that are now part of the Cincinnati Museum Center are really second to none considering just how much there is to see and do. It does not matter your age or your personal interests there is certainly something that will leave you feeling inspired by the past, present or future. The museum is centrally located near all of the cities best attractions such as the newly renovated Over-the-Rhine district. If you really want to get the most from a visit to these museums you will want to dedicate a few days as you can’t even see all there is in one in just one day. Making a vacation just for that experience alone is well worth it. You will leave looking forward to returning again shortly.

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