City Park, New Orleans

City Park In New Orleans Is One Of The Best Attractions The Big Easy Has To Offer

City Park, New Orleans

If you are going to pick one of the best attractions in New Orleans to explore for the day, City Park is a good choice. It’s a total of 1300 acres after all. If you look at rankings for the largest urban parks in the country, City Park comes in at #87. You might be wondering how it stacks up against the iconic Central Park in Manhattan. It’s Central Park on overtime, meaning you get a park and a half in a side by side comparison.

City Park in New Orleans features a sculpture garden, an art museum, and that’s just the beginning. This park is also mostly self-sustaining in terms of its funding, though the city owns the land. You can play tennis and golf there, and you can even go horseback riding. The park is located at 1 Palm Drive, and the views are absolutely amazing.

The gardens are beautiful, there is plenty of wildlife on site at the park, and you can take a stroll right by the lake. If you look at pictures, you are going to know what I mean about the views being amazing. It is a beautiful park. One picture shows a little bridge with a meadow right there, and the scene is gorgeous.

How To Get There

One way to get there is via the Canal Streetcar. It’s the last stop. I mentioned the little bridge in the picture, and you should know that there are actually multiple bridges throughout this park. People talk about there being some great photo opportunities for sure. You will also see multiple playgrounds, and if you’re hungry, the Morning Call Cafe is a great place to stop for food.

This park isn’t just for the tourists. Remember, it’s one of the largest urban parks. The locals like the park as much, if not more than, the tourists. You can also take a ride on a train while you are there, and you can ride the gondolas, too.

While the park is enormous, you don’t have to spend all day there if you don’t have time. It’s certainly a place you will want to stop by and check out though. You don’t want to miss City Park in New Orleans LA.

Enjoy Amusement Rides & Trails

You will find various amusement rides while you’re there. There is a small admission fee to enter the park. You might want to check out the botanical gardens, and the sculpture garden mentioned is known as Besthoff Sculpture Garden. There are also nature trails that you can enjoy, and people say that they are quite easy to follow.

If you spend enough time there, you might find the hand-carved merry-go-round. It was both hand-carved and hand-painted. Take the kids over to Fairy Tale Land, and see how many playgrounds they feel like visiting.

You might be wondering if this park is part of The French Quarter. It’s actually not, but that can be a good thing. You are certainly going to want to make it by The French Quarter. And when it’s time to get away from all the hustle and bustle, a stop at this park can get you away from the business of the city, even though City Park is quite popular.

Based on what has been described so far, what all do you plan to do at New Orleans City Park? While a lot has been mentioned, just wait to see what all you find. By the way, Story Land or Fairytale Land is almost at the very back of City Park, according to reviews, so that’s just a heads up for parents wanting to get there with their children. That kind of surprised me because you would think they would make it easier for families to get there.

You are going to have to do some traveling through City Park if you want to see it all. I’ve been to Central Park in NYC, and that required a bit of traveling for sure. It was great, and this park you’re visiting is supposed to be 50 percent larger. People say there is something for everyone at City Park, and that certainly means you and yours should have a great time. With all of those things to do at the park, you might even spend the entire day there.

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