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Struggling to get customers online? With nearly 10 years of experience delivering superior results for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses, Columbus SEO experts Scott Keever & Company utilize digital marketing techniques and strategies that produce a high return on investment and boost traffic and sales. We have assisted many businesses in building and expanding their brands online through effective, strategic marketing.

If you’re searching for a digital marketing company that increases leads and sales, distinguishes your brand in the marketplace while remaining totally transparent, we are the digital marketing company for you.

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The Scott Keever Approach

There's a misconception that search engine optimization (SEO) is simple and straightforward. However, locating an authentic SEO firm that provides actionable results can be a challenging endeavor. At Scott Keever & Company we vow to not only produce real SEO results, but we will also arm you with solutions to outshine your competition. We are always committed to give you greater results and quality for your advertising budget.

Our Services Include:

  • * Local SEO
  • * Branding
  • * Pay Per Click
  • * Website Design
  • * Reputation Management
  • * And More!

Why Select Columbus SEO Pros Scott Keever & Company as Your Preferred Marketing Company?

Having worked with hundreds of companies from small mom and pop businesses to enterprise-level organizations, we know your pain points. We also freely acknowledge that we aren't the right digital marketing firm for every business.

We want to join forces with businesses that are seeking a partner, who will assist them in reaching their business objectives through skillful SEO and other powerful digital marketing strategies.

Our aim is to understand your business inside and out so that we can build a customized SEO campaign that meets your exact needs, irrespective of size or market. We take great pride in being recognized as Columbus's leading digital marketing firm and continually strive to deliver high-quality results our clients have come to expect for nearly a decade.

Just how effective can SEO be for your business? Here are 7 ways SEO can help you attract more prospects, close more sales and grow your online presence.

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Where Do I Start?

Our team of Columbus SEO professionals has meticulously developed a tested 5-step plan to help you meet your marketing goals.


Before we proceed with any additional steps, we will evaluate your website for numerous ranking factors like on-page SEO, broken links, page speed, link profile, and other vital items. We will also formulate a thorough competitive analysis to learn where you can get better.


In order to raise your search engine rankings, our Columbus SEO agency will design a detailed SEO campaign predicated upon the information compiled from your website's evaluation. Although we implement proven techniques that have resulted in sustainable success for our clients, we acknowledge that client's needs are nuanced.

Consequently, every SEO campaign is individualized to meet the client’s strict requirements. Our SEO technicians take a deliberate approach to selecting keywords, phrases, and topics to feature and then set up a website link building strategy in accordance with these decisions.


After our Columbus SEO experts implement the necessary steps described above we'll start your SEO campaign. We correct all significant on-page SEO components, in addition to crafting current title tags, meta descriptions, set up connected content, pages and more, contingent upon what was discovered amid our evaluation.


Capturing links occupies an important place in our SEO strategy. Our accomplished Columbus SEO team will place your company directly in the sight-line of visitors on top-level websites. During years of executing successful link building, matched with our honest approach to SEO, our link building efforts permit stable and impressive results.

Link building embodies intensive research, motivated planning, and absolute customization. By moving the interest away from accumulating links in lieu of underlining quality and authority, we experience more success with the research-favored pathway to link building.


SEO reporting is fundamental to disclosing how users relate to your online business and in what manner you can encourage them to enlist your services or buy your products. Proficient analytics reporting should reveal more than just a dumpsite of numbers and facts. We believe SEO reporting should recount the story of your internet business and communicate an understanding of user behavior. Our Columbus SEO reporting will inspire you to keep benefitting from your achievements, while also unearthing what campaign procedures just aren't effective.

Our Columbus SEO Professionals Provide:

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website’s position in search engine results. Developing a website that’s simple to navigate by users and search engines, increases your website's authority and value and makes certain you rank at the top of Google, Bing and other search engines for the products and services you offer.

SEO is critical to local marketing, as localized keywords, site extensions, and community generated content result in greater brand and site awareness for people in your region. With an emphasis on measurable growth and results, Scott Keever & Company uses the latest SEO techniques to develop a strategy that can bring your company to the head of your area and help you create sustainable success.

local seo
Website design

Website Design

Our Columbus SEO professionals are proficient in developing stunning websites while maximizing your organizational goals and objectives. Our talented workforce of website designers takes advantage of the latest industry technology to render desirable results and successful ROI. Regardless of whether you require a feature-rich online storefront or information-heavy website, we will seek to learn your requirements and present solutions to dovetail with those needs.


Branding is not only good for business, but it's also required in today's competitive marketplace. As experienced marketing professionals, we can help you design a strategic branding plan that will allow you to:

  • Enhance how people see your brand
  • Measure your efficiency along the way and adjust as needed
  • Pinpoint your products or services that propel you ahead of the competition
  • Confirm that your team fortifies your brand at every opportunity
  • Increase the return on your branding investment

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the quickest and most effective ways to launch a new website or push traffic to an older website that has had difficulty gaining ground with the search engines. If you’re looking for a professional Columbus SEO agency with years of experience creating PPC management agency, you’ve come to the right place.

At Scott Keever & Company, specialists are happy to help you build your campaigns and landing pages in the most profitable way possible. Our experts each have hundreds of hours of full-time experience in managing campaigns across numerous industries. These experts can help you to achieve much greater success in your efforts.

Reputation Management:

In a world where one negative online review or slanderous comment can affect your bottom line, forging a solid reputation in your market is essential. Assisted by our reputation management services you'll be certain objections from competitors won't thwart consumers from carrying out business with you.

Reputation management
Local Map Optimization

Local Map Optimization

When users carry out a search on Google or Bing, they are given results that comprise local businesses and a map. The sequence of businesses ranked in this location is established by a formula unaffected by the standard listings. The rankings can correlate to the company's physical location, the volume of reviews the business has amassed and other considerations.

Local Maps Optimization attempts to pinpoint those certain properties that give businesses the highest opportunity to show up in this section. Our Columbus SEO agency integrate local directory submissions as well as an array of other methods to capitalize on as many parts of the local formula as attainable.

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Grow Your Organization's Internet Presence

  • * Maximize Sales While Generating Profits
  • * Grow and Encourage Brand Awareness
  • * Local SEO Services
  • * Website SEO Optimization
  • * Complete Monthly Reporting
  • * Free Consultation

Experience a New Level of Digital Marketing Expertise with Columbus SEO Specialists Scott Keever & Company!

Our Columbus SEO agency will provide top-level SEO services regardless of what stage your website is at. We can begin from scratch or take over an ineffective SEO campaign. We also work with businesses who have been penalized by Google, Yahoo or Bing. Whatever your current circumstance is, we can assist you in getting on track and expanding your digital footprint. If you’re ready to begin your SEO campaign or have any questions, please call (813)-455-1455 or click on the link below to receive your free SEO analysis.

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