Dental Internet Marketing 101

Dental Internet Marketing
  • June 17, 2017
  • Scott Keever SEO

A lot of dentists today are looking to promote their clinic. If you think that this can be a bit expensive, you better think again. One of the best ways to do this is by sticking to the right online marketing strategy. It is important for a dental clinic to have an idea on how to handle its own online marketing in order to expand its base. What are the usual online marketing strategies that should be implemented by dental clinics?

Location based online marketing

Dentist Internet Marketing 101 should be all about focusing your promotion to your area. It is important that you have make use of Google maps to mark where the dental clinic is. Now that a lot of people are searching online using their phones, it is important to always include your address.

If you are going to promote your Instagram or even your Facebook account, make sure that you always target the place.

Content Marketing

You might be a good dentist, but if your website doesn’t have the right content on your website, things can be a bit tricky. It is important that you hire a good copywriter. They can make your website not only convincing, but even make your clinic trustworthy.

Content marketing also doesn’t end in your on-page content. It is even more important that you produce consistent blogs that can be shared online. According to studies, companies that have produced free informative copies are easily seen as market leaders.

Social Media

Social media is also a great tool in order to attract customers. For dental clinics, it can come in handy since it makes it easier for you to communicate with your audience. You can answer to their inquiries, and even get fix their appointment via social media. And the good news is that you can even improve your reputation online with different social media accounts. Facebook allows people who liked your page to review your services and products.

Dental SEO

SEO is another important tool that is mostly underutilized by many clinics. Do you know that 8 out of 10 Google users don’t even bother to reach the second or third search result page? That means that you are going to lose a lot of potential customers looking for the right dentist via Google.

But of course, what exactly makes an SEO friendly website? An SEO friendly website should have the right content. It should also be mobile friendly. Today, mobile friendly websites get to the first page.

Email marketing

One of the most underutilized tools online is your email marketing. Email marketing is an important tool that you can use in order to follow up on your patients. You can remind them of their schedule or even just say hi to them. You can even every now and then give them promos. This way, your dental clinic remains relevant to your clients.

If you are looking for ways on how to promote your clinic, online marketing is a great tool that you can utilize. It has the ability to increase not only your website’s traffic but can even get new customers.

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