What Is The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On The Future Of SEO?

  • October 16, 2017
  • Scott Keever SEO

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a concept that has been around for hundreds of years. However, this term did not come into existence until the 1950s. AI is an idea that humans have the ability to create a machine that can have thought processes that are like theirs, or even thought processes that are superior to theirs.

This idea originated with ancient Greeks, but has regained popularity in the 21st century.

In fact, this idea really began to increase during the 1950s. This is the during the same era when the construction of the modern day computer began. The limitations of computer construction and computer memory prevented important breakthroughs from occurring. This is also the time when science fiction movies began to foreshadow an ominous future where AI applications would become more common.

This has already occurred several times during recent history. One example is the supercomputer that plays chess, and this computer, Deep Blue, beat a human at a game of chess in 1997. Other examples include IBM’s Watson winning Jeopardy! in 2011 and the introduction of Google’s RankBrain.

Although this may sound like doom and gloom, it is important to understand the workings of AI and how it is being used in SEO. Once humans begin to accurately assess AI, it is only then they will have a true understanding of what this type of application means to current and future SEO work.

The Limitations Of SEO

If you love movies, it is important to separate fact from cinema fiction. First, consider what artificial intelligence CAN do. For one, it can process data at extremely fast speeds so certain tasks can be performed. Smart appliances, RankBrain, Watson and Deep Blue are able to do this type of work.

For tasks that must be programmed in the computer, the computer often outperforms its human counterpart. This is one example of how AI has benefited society.

However, there are other types of AI. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a future technology that would allow computers to operate as well as the human mind. This means it would be able to perform abstract planning, reasoning and problem solving.

You may wonder what this has to do with SEO work. By analyzing the capabilities of AI now, humans can begin to understand the impact these capabilities will have on the planning and functionality on SEO.


The tool that is used for Google’s RankBrain has also been introduced into other search engines. Software giant Microsoft started using RankNet, an AI tool in 2007 for Bing. These companies use this technology for the same reason. They want to know what technology users are actually searching for.

This technology is especially beneficial for long-tail keyword searches. However, it can also apply for a phrase that means more than the total of its words. For example, if a user was searching for “Donald Trump’s wife”, they are not searching for information about Donald Trump. They are searching only for Melania Trump. This means that without this technology, this type of long-tailed search may attempt to provide images of the President instead of his wife.

AI tool goals are to make sure the right information is connected to the right people. However, many have questioned as to whether RankBrain is an algorithm signal, or is really a tool that processes algorithms against search inquiries.

SEO Content And AI

The aspects that are connected to SEO content does not change with the use of AI in web searches. Well-written content that relates to the subject and is fresh, will always perform well regardless of the search algorithms.

What is really means is that Google is way ahead of the line when it comes to dominating web search. SEO content usually falls in one of two groups. The first group offers website builders the chance to trick the system with its content. This is usually referred to as keyword stuffing, link swapping and clickbait. These techniques were designed to allow bad content to perform a lot better than it should.

On the other hand, there is SEO content that does exactly what it was created to do. Provide useful, high-quality content to the reader free of manipulative tactics. AI tools have the ability to sort out the junk from the high-quality content web users actually want.

Artificial intelligence in SEO is not going anywhere. These tools can help create an online webscape that allows users to have access to the best content available.

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