Jungle Island Miami

5 Reasons To Explore Jungle Island In Miami

Explore Jungle Island In Miami

One of the best things about Southern Florida is the unique wildlife that inhabits the area. There really is no better way to get up close with them than to visit Jungle Island Miami. Jungle Island began in 1936 and continues its long tradition of educating locals and visitors alike about the natural wonder that the wildlife will invoke in you and those that you are traveling with.

One of the most awe inspiring animals that inhabit Florida are the parrots. They come in bright, beautiful colors of all varieties. Only on Jungle Island do you have the opportunity to pose and take a picture with these tamed, friendly birds. It is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime, that is if you are brave enough.

1. Parrot Cove in Jungle Island Miami

Another popular stop in the park is known as Parrot Cove. There you and your group can enjoy a private beach that is only accessible by the park guests. You can take some time to relax and catch some rays or cool down in the waters of the Biscayne Bay. You will find this exclusive destination at the very tip of the park.

2. Manu Encounter in Jungle Island Miami

If the opportunity to get up close and personal with a species of Squirrel Monkeys then you will absolutely love the Manu Encounter. You will walk through a representation of Manu, Peru that includes parrots and macaws. One of the best parts is that their is a guide on hand that will give you a short informational on these special creatures and are even available to answer any questions that you might have about them and their natural habitat.

3. Orangutan School in Jungle Island Miami

If the intelligence of our cousins fascinate you then the Orangutan School is a must see. You can witness these highly intelligent and often compassionate animals learning new skills each day at 1:10 pm. You can meet Jake, Hannah, Connie and Sinbad in the primadomes. Be prepared to be amazed at how different each one is regarding their personality, desire to learn and mischievousness. You will see that they are much like humans in their traits and behaviors.

If you are traveling with children then you surely will want to spend some time at the petting barn. Located next to the playground, everyone has an opportunity to pet and feed a variety of animals that will anxiously be awaiting your arrival. It is open daily from 10:30 am to 5 pm, just be sure that you have your camera ready as you will surely have a chance to get some adorable pictures of your child and the sweet barn animals.

4. Everglades Habitat and Walk in Jungle Island Miami

A great learning experience for visitors of any age is the Everglades Habitat and Walk. It is a replica of the Everglades that are located in the southern most region of Florida. There you will find educational markers along the path that will expand your knowledge of the wildlife that inhabits the area as well as why the ecology is so critical to not only Florida, but the world on a whole. Inside the replica you will find the plants that you would encounter in the Everglades as well as a breathtaking waterfall.

5. Kangaroo Konnection in Jungle Island Miami

Last, but certainly not least, is the Kangaroo Konnection. In this area you have the ability to learn about and directly interact with the resident kangaroos. They are also awaiting your arrival and will greet you with their kindness. This is one of the few exhibits in the world that allow visitors to get this up close and personal with this special creature. It is a great way to recognize just how close we are to the animals that inhabit the world around us.

There is so much to explore at Jungle Island in Miami, Florida. It is easy to spend an entire day learning about plants and animals from the area and around the world. The ability to get so close and see unique exhibits is one of the park’s best features. You can learn what life is like for these priceless animals in their natural habitat as well as how domestic they can be when they become used to interacting with humans on a daily basis. Whether you are traveling with children or adults, this is a must see attraction in the Miami area.

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