Miami Seaquarium

Visit The Miami Seaquarium In Key Biscayne And Have A Blast

Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Sea Aquarium is also known as Miami Seaquarium. It is located on Rickenbacker in Key Biscayne, and one thing that you get to enjoy there is a swim with the dolphins. This establishment is the 4th ranked attraction out of 35 things to do. The Miami Seaquarium opened up in 1955, and so it has been around for quite awhile, one of the country’s oldest ocean aquariums. You are going to have a great time visiting this attraction just out of the city limits of Miami FL.

Not only can you visit this aquarium, but you can book group events there. In fact, the aquarium features overnight events from time to time. On top of swimming with the dolphins, there are multiple shows you can attend. Of course, that’s not all. You can also get your picture taken, but reviews do say that the photo opportunities cost a pretty penny.

You can plan on spending pretty much the entire day there. People talk about swimming with the sea lions, and they also say that you can hold penguins. How cool would it be to hold a penguin? One other thing that is good to know is that people say that you won’t have a problem finding the bathroom since there are plenty of them there.

Killer whales are also there and part of the shows of course. It’s not Sea World so Shamu won’t be there, but his cousin is there. In all seriousness, you will see killer whales there, and the aquariums are said to be quite the attraction. I forgot to mention the seals along with the sea lions. There is a seal encounter that the reviewers rave about.

Now what else do you get to see there? You will see sharks, manatees, sea turtles and more. Plus, they say there are birds and reptiles, too. It is mentioned that this place gets half a million visitors each year. If you decide to visit it during the winter or the ‘off-season,’ it is said to not be as busy of course. So if you plan to be in Miami during that time of year, that is an attraction that is waiting for you.

I mentioned that this Seaquarium houses killer whales, but it only has one. She is famous, too. There used to be another killer whale, but he died a long time ago after getting injured. The whale’s name was Hugo, and his death occurred in 1980. The killer whale that is famous and lives there now is named Lolita. The reason why she is famous is because no other whale in captivity is older than her. When did she show up at the Sea Aquarium? She got there in 1970. Can you believe that?

There are activists that want Lolita released, however, and so it remains to be seen if she will be a resident there much longer. She would have to retire to a sea pod first and then be eventually released. If you thought that Lolita was older, there are people that think she can be reunited with her mom if she were to be released. How cool is that?

Still, don’t let that make you have a sore feeling about this place. The Sea Aquarium is a very nice place, and people have a lot of fun there. It would be so cool to swim with the dolphins, don’t you think? It would for sure, and that alone would make it a really neat place to visit. Of course, you want to see the shows, too, don’t you? As mentioned, there are plenty of shows to catch while you are there.

The Top Deck Dolphin Show is one of them. One other interesting fact about the park has to do with when it was introduced. At the time it opened, which you remember was in 1955, it held the title as the world’s largest marine attraction. It isn’t anymore of course, but still, that’s pretty cool. Now it is time for you to grab your tickets and go visit this great attraction in Key Biscayne. You and your family will enjoy themselves, and make sure you check out as many other attractions as you can in Key Biscayne and Miami.

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