The National Gallery Of Art

The National Gallery Of Art In Washington DC Has The Only Da Vinci In The Western Hemisphere

The National Gallery Of Art

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is a must see, and it is on the corner of 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Out of all 450+ attractions in Washington DC, it is ranked #2. When you arrive there, you will see a wonderful collection of special exhibits, including a sculpture garden. An audio tour is available, which always helps, and there is a gift shop for when you are done touring the facility, too.

There is said to be art for all tastes there, and of course the gallery is going to have pieces that you just can’t see anywhere else. One of the famous pieces there is the self portrait of Van Gogh. You will find the galleries on the 2nd floor according to reviews, and that floor is said to have soaring ceilings. You will find works of art done by Monet, Manet, Renoir and more.

People say that The National Gallery of Art is quite gigantic, and you could spend an entire half day there browsing the various works of art. There is a huge fountain on the second floor, too, where the galleries are located. People also mention that you can sign up for a guided tour. The building’s architecture is also said to be quite amazing, and reviews mention that kids have a great time there as well. One person mentioned that kids love to sit on the floor and draw, for starters, having been inspired by all they see. You can imagine a place like that Sparks imagination and creativity.

You will also find two restaurants on site, which is cool. That helps you be able to eat something and stay longer in order to see all the exhibits. The place is quite overwhelming in a good way. You will see so many famous works of art that are amazing. The Sculpture Garden is attached, and guess what. The fountain out there is an ice skating rink when it is wintertime.

Here is another piece of trivia for you. There is only one work by Da Vinci that is housed in the western hemisphere, and it is at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Now you know you want to lay your eyes on that work by Da Vinci. One of the reviewers posted that piece of trivia. The person had been walking through the sculpture garden but didn’t really have time for the gallery. A guard told the person to make time if possible and mentioned the work by Da Vinci and said it was the only one in the western hemisphere.

That would be cool to say that you have seen that piece of art. People say that there are two buildings, the east and west buildings. The East Building is all about the more modern art. You will find more traditional art collections in the West Building. Both are great to visit, and of course you don’t want to miss the Sculpture Garden.

The National Gallery of Art is also free to visit, so that’s a plus. This place is part of the National Mall, so you can add it to your tour of sites when you are in that area. It would take days and days to tour everything there, which makes for quite an adventure. Pace yourself, and just have fun. If you don’t get to something, you can always come back.

There is so much to see just inside The National Gallery of Art. One reviewer talked about not having time to do both buildings, so the person randomly picked the East Building. If you have time for just one building, I suggest that you go to the West Building. Remember, that is where you will see the traditional collections of art from more famous and historical figures.

Are you set to make The National Gallery of Art part of your DC vacation? It would certainly be nice to say you have seen that Day Vinci, and you will see plenty of other works of art to tell stories about. It is great that the gallery offers free admission, and it must be a really cool place and not a full museum if it inspires kids to sit down and make works of art themselves.

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