The National World War II Memorial

A Basic Guide To Visiting The National World War II Memorial Washington DC

The National World War II Memorial

If you are going to be visiting Washington DC, you should consider taking a trip to the National World War II Memorial. Of course, before you head to the memorial, it is important that you know more about this. You should find out more about what the memorial is, where it is located and what you will be seeing there.

What Is The National World War II Memorial And Where Is It?

As the name would suggest, the National World War 2 Memorial is a place to honor and remember the millions of people who were members of the US forces as part of World War II. This number of service people also includes the 400,000 people who gave their lives fighting for the country in the war. People who visit the memorial do so to honor those who served and died for the country.

The National World War 2 Memorial is located in the central area of Washington’s National Mall. The Memorial can be found at the east side of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. As the monument is located in this public area, it is open for viewing at any time of the day. However, if you have any questions you will need to visit the memorial between 9:30 am and 10 pm when park rangers will be on duty and able to answer your questions.

There are also a number of interpretive programs which are provided throughout the day. If you are going to the memorial as part of a group, you can also join these programs upon request.

Getting To The Memorial

If you decide to visit the memorial, you will need to know how to get there. There are a few ways that you can get to the memorial by car and by public transport. The most convenient ways to get to the memorial will be with the Metro and the Metrobus.

There are 2 metro stations close to the National Mall which you can use. The first is the Smithsonian and the second is the Federal Triangle station. Both of these stations can be reached using the Silver, Orange and Blue Metro lines. If you are going to be taking the bus, you should use the 36, 32 or 34 routes.

It is also possible to reach the memorial by car. However, you will need to find parking and this is not always readily available. This is why most people would recommend the use of public transport instead.

What You Will See At The Memorial

Knowing where the memorial is and how to get there is important, but you also need to know what you are going to be seeing. The memorial has a magnificent fountain at the center with 56 granite columns surrounding it. The columns represent the 48 states, the District of Columbia and the 7 federal territories.

The columns create a semi-circle around the plaza and there are 2 43-foot arches on the opposite side of the plaza. The north arch is a representation of the victory in the Atlantic and the south arch represents victory in the Pacific.

If you are going to be entering the memorial from the east, there will be 2 walls on either side of you. Each of the walls will contain scenes from World War II which have been rendered in bronze. The wall of the left will have scenes which progress through the war from the physical exams those in the war had to take to their homecoming. The wall of the right will pay tribute to the Atlantic with the last scene being the American and Russian armies shaking hands at the end of the war.

One of the most striking features of the memorial is the Freedom Wall. This wall has 4,048 stars on it which pay tribute to all of the lives which were lost during the war. Each of the stars on the wall represents 100 American lives which were lost. The wall also has battle names and military campaigns from the war.

The National World War 2 memorial is a tasteful and elegant reminder of the American contribution to World War II. If you are visiting Washington DC, you should take the time to see the memorial as it is always open to the public.

Driving Directions

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