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Running your business takes up most of your time. Allow a professional SEO agency to manage your online marketing more affordably than hiring someone in-house at minimum wage.

At Scott Keever SEO we offer Internet Marketing Services, Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization for all types of businesses in the Oklahoma City area. Let us help you get the online exposure you need to succeed.

Give us a try today. Monthly plans starting at $1000 with NO CONTRACT

Our SEO Oklahoma City Services

  • Grow Customers

    Let us help you drive more customers to your website. More customers means more revenue to your business.
  • Increase Exposure With Oklahoma City SEO

    Give your business the boost it needs to be seen by new clients. You have customers looking for you, let us help them find you
  • Increase Revenue

    Help your companies revenue grow by attracting new customers and ranking over your competition. Let us help!
  • Let’s Be Partners

    Not only are we here to improve your Search Engine Rankings we are also your partner. We will become one of your companies most useful resources. We have years of experience and resources.
  • Marketing Insider

    We have trained with some of the best SEO experts in the industry. We attend weekly webinars and mastermind groups with the countries leading SEOs. These connections help set us apart.
  • Monthly Reporting

    We keep you up to date with your websites progress with monthly reporting. We work closely with you to ensure we help you achieve your businesses goals. Communication is key!

Our Results-driven Approach

Scott Keever SEO Oklahoma City provides Google approved methods to increase your rankings and online visibility. Our performance speaks for itself, let us help your clients find you the same way you found us.

Our Oklahoma City SEO Packages are Designed Around
Creating Revenue.

As your Oklahoma City SEO consultant it’s our passion to create a game plan that will grow your business both visibly and financially. We have ranked 100’s of sites to page 1 of Google. If your site is not currently in the top 3 Google search results you are missing out on potential revenue.

Are you ready to get more relevant visitors to your webpage and boost your sales? If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then contact Scott Keever SEO to schedule a free consultation.

You’ll speak with Scott to learn if online marketing is right for your business, and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

During your conversation with him, you will also discover the specifics of how your business can benefit from web optimization -and which strategy and action plan is best for your individual business.

To sign up for a free consultation, simply go to the application page and fill in your details. There’s no obligation but there is an incredible opportunity to see what we can do for you.

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Directions to Our Oklahoma City Office Location

Servicing the Oklahoma City, Scott Keever SEO has talent and industry experience, we are guaranteed to deliver successful results. Call for a free consultation with a certified Seo analyst. Scott Keever SEO is located at Oklahoma City. Call us to schedule your free website analysis today.

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A Quick Guide on the Benefits of Local SEO in Oklahoma City for your Business

Top-notch Oklahoma City SEO: Double Your Online Exposure

We offer proven and continuous SEO services created specifically for your Oklahoma City business. We have over 100 sites ranked on the first page of Google. We’re one of the top SEO agencies in Oklahoma. We average a 200 percent increase in visibility for our clients. Get a hold of us today for a consultation at zero cost. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Oklahoma City SEO

How We Make Your Oklahoma City Business Rank

SEO for Local Maps

The best and most effective way to increase your exposure and generate new leads is by getting your business on the local “map pack.” We will get your business on the map so that your new customers are just a click away.


Ranking on Google is difficult. But we know how to do it. We’ve helped other businesses in Oklahoma City get their site ranked on the first page of Google, and we can implement the same techniques for you.

PPC Marketing

Most pay-per-click agencies will take your advertising dollars and throw them at the most competitive terms. We don’t do that. Instead, we’ll conduct thorough research to determine keywords and phrases with low competition and a high return on your investment. Then we’ll implement landing pages complete with call tracking to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

We Make You Rank on Maps the Same Way We Do for Ourselves

Don’t get pulled in by run-of-the-mill SEO agencies that offer overseas link-building services. We’ve got over 20 years of experience ranking businesses across dozens of markets, and we’ve put over 100 of them on the front page of Google. We aren’t your average marketing agency.

What differentiates us from the local SEO folks?

Our business model depends on local rankings. We’re not a massive, multi-national firm with an endless budget. We bring home the bacon by focusing on local SEO and beating the competition with intelligent search optimization. And what we do, we do well.

Our robust, time-tested, and proven strategies that we use for ourselves to rank on maps are the same ones we’ll use for your business. It’s worked for us and for over 100 other sites, we’ll make it work for you too.

We’ve developed a system that’s worked for hundreds of businesses and it’s as simple as this: Focused keyword research, local targeting, intelligent content strategies, and sustainable local outreach. We don’t do gimmicks, and we don’t do tricks. We just do results.

How We Can Double Your Traffic

Don’t put your faith and hard-earned cash in gimmicky SEO agencies. There are no shortcuts. The only way you can get to the top is through best practices and a lot of hard work. What’s our strategy? It goes like this:

Website Optimization

We have a thorough and proven list of factors that determine your website’s speed. We run your site through this list and polish it until your site runs like the wind. If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, you’re losing up to half of your traffic. Only the fastest sites get pushed to the top by Google. Can yours finish the race?

Outreach That’s Sustainable

When those fly-by-night agencies use tricks and gimmicky link-building strategies, they damage your long-term prospects. We use sustainable techniques that are by Google’s book to establish your site in the Oklahoma City area. And our results last.

Become the Authority

Google rewards people who put out content that’s innovative and authoritative. Only the best content gets linked to and made an authority. So, we create only the best content. Which means you’ll get only the best content.

Make the Convo in Oklahoma City About You

Word-of-mouth marketing on social media is powerful. It can push thousands and thousands of potential customers directly to you. And we’ve mastered the technique through the use of videos, web content, and targeted ads.

Push New Leads with Unparalleled Efficiency

We don’t do tricks or gimmicks. There’s no magic at all. What we do have is proven strategies, thorough techniques, and lots of hard work.

All of our processes are driven by research. We learn everything we can about your niche, your toughest competitors, and how your website works. Then we take that information and use it to make proven adjustments.

From there, we have a framework that’s repeatable and sustainable that we can apply to any site in any market, again and again. This framework benefits you as much as it does us. We’re able to be much more efficient and work on getting the best possible results, reducing your costs and improving your returns.

And unlike our competitors, we’ll provide you with all the details of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We believe in full transparency. This allows you to see exactly how much value we’re creating for you every month.

Why Scott Keever SEO?

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: We aren’t just any old SEO agency.

Local SEO keeps the lights on for us. If we don’t have Scott Keever SEO ranked for local keywords, we don’t pay our bills. We like to keep our bills paid. This is what keeps us on our toes — we strive to constantly improve our local SEO game. And the very same strategies we use to keep ourselves ranked, we’ll happily apply to your business. It works for us and it’ll work for you.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. That’s almost as long as search engines have been around. We’ve seen every kind of keyword, worked with every size budget and went up against every kind of competitor.

And we’ve done it again and again. With over 100 sites ranked on page one across a variety of markets and niches. We definitely know a couple of things about the SEO business.

But don’t simply take our word: We’re an UpCity Certified Partner, Google Certified Partner, we have an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau, and we’ve been featured in Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Forbes.

We never make you sign a contract. We aren’t going to tie you down to any sort of time commitment We do everything on a monthly basis. If you aren’t satisfied with all the business we’re bringing you, you can cancel at any time.

If you’re ready to find out how our services can take your business to the next level in the Oklahoma City SEO game, contact us for an absolutely free consultation. No obligations, no charge.

Because of demand, we currently can’t accept new clients with a budget that’s below $1,000 per month. We hope you’re understanding. But if you’re ready to rocket past your competition and start driving traffic, leads, and conversions to your business, give us a shout, and we’ll get started!

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