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Local SEO

Local SEO is widely regarded as one of the single most effective SEO tools. With that being said, many business owners still aren't aware of just how powerful local SEO is. Local SEO allows local customers to find businesses in their specific region. People load Google in their browser and type the product or service they’re interested in with phrases like “by me” or “close to me.” Accordingly, Google presents the most applicable local businesses for that search. With a jaw-dropping 95% of people having searched for a business online, it's vital that your business is getting exposed.

Web Design

Sarasota SEO experts Scott Keever & Company specializes in professional web design with an emphasis on your objectives and business aspirations. Our skilled team of designers, developers, project managers, and search marketing specialists utilize cutting-edge technology to construct actionable results and successful ROI. Whether you need a personalized informational website or a robust online store, we will work diligently to understand your requirements and provide solutions to align with those needs.

Pay Per Click

We manage your PPC account utilizing keywords that will attract buyers to your site. Highly targeted keyword research will decide the most cost-efficient means to acquiring customers who are searching for precisely what you offer. Using a wide array of research tools, we will build successful paid search campaigns concentrated on meeting your target cost per sale or lead. By investing in Pay Per Click (PPC), you will aid highly enthusiastic buyers in locating your site who might not find it through conventional (organic) search engine optimization strategies.


Good branding is good business. Your logo can instantly tell your story, and we generate the buzz you need to remain in the mind of your customer base. With impeccable interconnected digital marketing and design strategy, our Sarasota SEO experts can expand your business opportunities from the very beginning. Our customized methods and skillful execution develop your digital footprint, which in turn transforms more prospects into conversions and more first-time buyers into life-long customers.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is paramount in the business world. If you have an online presence, it is absolutely necessary to retain a good reputation as anyone, anywhere, at any given moment can access the internet. Just one negative review from a customer could greatly affect your public perception and ultimately, how your business succeeds as a whole. Therefore, it becomes critical to monitor how your brand is received by the online world. Bolstered by our reputation management services you'll be sure criticism from competitors won't divert would-be customers from conducting business with you.

Local Map Optimization

When an individual conducts a Google search, they are often times presented with results that comprise local businesses and a map. The ranking of businesses in this area is decided by an algorithm that is distinct of the normal organic results. It can be affected by the business’s brick and mortar location, the number of reviews the business has received and other elements. Local Maps Optimization strives to target those specific qualities that give businesses the greatest opportunity to show up in this section. Scott Keever & Company uses a blend of profile optimization strategies, local directory submissions and other techniques to impact as many factors of the local equation as possible.

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