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Have you heard of Tampa’s new neighborhood and historic district, Seminole Heights Tampa Florida? It’s the largest neighborhood in Tampa and a perfect place to hangout! Here, I would like to suggest you the reasons to visit this happening place.

Top Attractions In Seminole Heights Tampa FL

The streets of Seminole Heights are lined up with 19th-century bungalow-styled homes. The town is located to the north of downtown and Davis Island. In fact, what was a struggling neighborhood some time back has transformed into a destination with some of the top attractions in Tampa Florida. The crime rates in the region are on the decline and property values are increasing currently. Hence, Seminole Heights is considered a viable alternative to the overpopulated suburban neighborhoods of Tampa. Whether you are a local or a tourist who is searching for some of the best attractions in Seminole Heights Tampa FL, here are some of the top attractions in the region.

  • The Seminole Heights General Store is not the regular milk and bread store that you will see in most other towns. In fact, this place has many attractions for the young and old alike. You can grab a sandwich at the deli, pack a live bait for your fishing trip, buy handmade goat milk soap, and pursue the antique collection offered by the store while you are there.
  • Green Shift is a popular comic book store that has been serving the region for over thirty years now. They have a wide variety of comic books for display from all kinds of eras. Games, musical instruments, accessories, and collectibles are also available at this store. In fact, rockers and nerds both groups enjoy a visit to this store.
  • Sherry’s YesterDAZE Vintage Clothing & Antiques is another popular attraction in Seminole Heights Tampa Florida. This shop was established in 1998 and offers antique furniture, vintage clothing, fine jewelry, and decor items. That is why you need to visit this shop right now.

The read above offers information on some of the top attractions in Seminole Heights Tampa FL.

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