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An hour and a half south of our Columbus SEO location. Our Cincinnati SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services focus on getting you ROI based results that last! You can expect high quality content, proper on-page / technical SEO, and relevant links to your website. Our SEO campaigns have more than doubled traffic to our clients sites.

  • Gain Insight to Your Competition
  • Get more traffic to your most important pages
  • Boost rankings with proper Keyword Research

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Our Monthly SEO Services in Cincinnati include:

Technical SEO

Technical & On-page SEO

Full site audit to create the proper foundation, review any potential site issues, and ensure the site structured in a way to enhance the visibility.

Content & Keyword

Content & Keyword

High quality content created through keyword research and competitive analysis to come up with a blueprint for your SEO success.

Link Building

Off-Page & Link Building

Gain more traffic to your important pages & posts by attracting relevant links from sites around the internet to your site.

Digital Marketing

Running your business takes up most of your time. Allow a professional SEO agency to manage your online marketing more affordably than hiring someone in-house at minimum wage.

At Scott Keever SEO we offer Internet Marketing Services, Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization for all types of businesses in the Cincinnati area. Let us help you get the online exposure you need to succeed.

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Our SEO Cincinnati Services

  • Grow Customers

    Let us help you drive more customers to your website. More customers means more revenue to your business.
  • Increase Exposure With Cincinnati SEO

    Give your business the boost it needs to be seen by new clients. You have customers looking for you, let us help them find you
  • Increase Revenue

    Help your companies revenue grow by attracting new customers and ranking over your competition. Let us help!
  • Let’s Be Partners

    Not only are we here to improve your Search Engine Rankings we are also your partner. We will become one of your companies most useful resources. We have years of experience and resources.
  • Marketing Insider

    We have trained with some of the best SEO experts in the industry. We attend weekly webinars and mastermind groups with the countries leading SEOs. These connections help set us apart.
  • Monthly Reporting

    We keep you up to date with your websites progress with monthly reporting. We work closely with you to ensure we help you achieve your businesses goals. Communication is key!

Our Results-driven Approach

Scott Keever SEO Cincinnati provides Google approved methods to increase your rankings and online visibility. Our performance speaks for itself, let us help your clients find you the same way you found us.

Our Cincinnati SEO Packages are Designed Around
Creating Revenue.

As your Cincinnati SEO consultant it’s our passion to create a game plan that will grow your business both visibly and financially. We have ranked 100’s of sites to page 1 of Google. If your site is not currently in the top 3 Google search results you are missing out on potential revenue.

Are you ready to get more relevant visitors to your webpage and boost your sales? If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then contact Scott Keever SEO to schedule a free consultation.

You’ll speak with Scott to learn if online marketing is right for your business, and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

During your conversation with him, you will also discover the specifics of how your business can benefit from web optimization and which strategy and action plan is best for your individual business.

To sign up for a free consultation, simply go to the application page and fill in your details. There’s no obligation but there is an incredible opportunity to see what we can do for you.

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Directions to Our Cincinnati Office Location

Servicing the Cincinnati Ohio Area, Scott Keever SEO has talent and industry experience, we are guaranteed to deliver successful results. Contact us for a free consultation with a certified Seo analyst. Scott Keever SEO is located at 1335 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Call us at (813) 455-1455 to schedule your free website analysis today.

Scott Keever SEO has a location in Cincinnati, but they set an extremely high standard for all of Hamilton County

Scott Keever SEO has a location in Cincinnati Ohio, but you can still find us on Yelp, and check out our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. If you prefer a more personalized experience you can call us at (813) 455-1455, or stop in our offices Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM. We are also located near Jack CasinoCincinnati Municipal Airport – Luken Field, Paul Brown Stadium, and OTR (Over-The-Rhine).

The drive from the Cincinnati International Airport (CVG) to our office in Cincinnati isn’t that difficult or time consuming. Follow these simple directions and we’ll be seeing you in no time. When you’ re ready to leave the Cincinnati International Airport (TPA) Get on I-275 E from KY-236 W, Continue on I-275 E. Take I-75 N to W 5th St in Cincinnati. Take exit 1C from I-75 N. Next take Elm St and W Central Pkwy to Main St and we’ll see you soon!

Scott Keever SEO

1335 Main St, Cincinnati, OHIO 45202


Scott Keever SEO is conveniently
located near Top Attractions in Cincinnati, OH

A Quick Guide on the Benefits of Local SEO in Cincinnati for your Business

Why You Need to Add Search Engine Optimization To Your Company’s Game Plan

As you likely already know, the Internet has exploded in popularity. Billions of people from all around the world utilize the Internet each and every day for a wide variety of different purposes. Some utilize the Internet for entertainment, while others do so for business. Regardless, it is essential for businesses to implement online marketing in their game plans, in order to target these individuals. Even if you have no intention to take on the international market, a solid organic search engine optimization plan can boost your company’s performance within your local scene. Scott Keever from Seo Not For Hire is a Cincinnati native who can help your company get on the right track. Below, you’ll discover the top reasons for adding SEO Cincinnati techniques to your company’s game plan.

Cincinnati Search Engine Optimization Expert – Build Legitimacy

First and foremost, you should realize that your company needs to appear legit, in order to attract new clients. People fear the unknown, so they’ll be much less likely to do business with your company, if it is hidden within the search results. By working diligently on your SEO campaign, you’ll be able to move your site higher and higher within the rankings. If potential clients see your site within Google’s first page, they’ll immediately see that your site is legitimate and trustworthy. This will encourage them to do business with you and will give them the reassurance that they’ll be fine purchasing your goods and services.

Internet Marketing Service – Cost Effective Marketing

There is truly an abundance of ways to advertise your business, but many techniques are simply unreasonable for small businesses. Why? Well, the costs are simply too high. The mass majority of small businesses will never be able to purchase television and radio ads. The wealthiest companies in the world will always dominate these sectors. The good news is that the Internet makes it possible for small companies to compete with the wealthier companies.

By implementing an effective SEO campaign, you’ll be able to generate additional traffic and more revenue, without spending excessively. In fact, if you play your cards right, you won’t be required to spend anything at all.

Cincinnati SEO

Choosing The Right SEO Cincinnati Company – Set Monthly Cost

One of the best benefits provided by SEO is the fact that you’ll be able to control the cost of your marketing campaign. You’ll never have to worry about paying for each individual click and will instead be able to pay a fixed amount for the services of an SEO company. Scott Keever and Matt Brandenburg of Seo Not For Hire have some great rates and proven success. If your in the need of a good Seo firm you should check them out. Alternatively, you could also consider carrying out the SEO work on your own. Nonetheless, you’ll always know precisely how much you will need to pay from month to month. At the same time, you should remember that the costs associated with SEO tend to decline once you’ve managed to rank on the first page.

Meanwhile, the costs associated with paid search ads can be very erratic and could actually increase over time.


Online Advertising Service – Increases Traffic

SEO is important for every website, because it is the base of determining your search engine ranking. SEO consists of keywords and key phrases that are often utilized by individuals that are searching for specific products, information, and services. In order to rank high in the Google, Yahoo, and Bing results, you will need to apply these terms to your content. By doing this, you will be potentially increasing the flow of traffic to your website. Believe it or not, the higher number of people visiting your site will potentially drive up your sales.

The key is to land your domain on the first page of the search engine results. The Meta description will also play a huge role in enticing users to click on your domain link. If you utilize SEO keywords correctly and compose a, eye-grabbing Meta description, you very well may see a drastic increase in your traffic and revenue.

SEO Cincinnati

Enhance Brand Awareness With Website Rankings in Cincinnati Ohio

While, it is extremely important to utilize SEO in every aspect of your website design, it is more important to focus on the appropriate keywords. In order for SEO to be effective for you, the key terms will need to replicate your brand. For instance, if you sell a specific type of shampoo, the keywords will need to revolve around this specific product. Targeted keywords will help users find your product through the top search engines.

Internet users will input specific terms and keywords into the search box. These terms are related to the specific topic that they want to research more in depth. A user researching hair care products will utilize keywords related to hair type, scents, ingredients, and non-toxic chemicals. Of course, you never know exactly what these individuals are looking for, but with the appropriate SEO, your domain will contain the information that they are searching for.

Cincinnati Marketing Consultant – Generate Revenue

At the end of the day, it is undeniably true that your company will want to make more money. The only way for your business to grow larger and more successful is by earning more and investing more. So, you’ll need to expand your grasp and begin targeting new customers throughout the world. Likewise, you may only want to make more locals aware of your business. No matter how you wish to make your money, it would be unwise to ignore the enormous potential of search engine optimization.

By speaking with the top SEO Cincinnati companies, they’ll agree that a reliable SEO plan will be able to help increase a company’s profits. Once you’ve hit the first page, your traffic will explode and your revenue will soar to new heights.

Proper SEO Delivers Relevant Customers

When using other forms of advertisement, you may be able to increase your site’s traffic, but you’ll never really know whether or not these individuals will care about your products and services. Some consumers will hear your advertisement on the radio and simply visit your website due to their curiosity. With search engine optimization, it is possible to bring in consumers, who are truly interested in your company’s products. How is this possible? Well, SEO is associated with keywords. In order to find your website, these individuals will be required to search for your specific keywords of choice.

When they do, this confirms that they’re interested in what you will have to worry. Therefore, SEO tends to have a higher return on investment than many alternatives advertising methods. Once they’ve put in the right keywords and have found your site, your product should sell itself!

For more information or to get started on your SEO plan in the Cincinnati area contact us today!

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by Chris Smith on Cincinnati, Ohio - Scott Keever SEO
So Many Leads Now

Since i hired Scott Keever SEO to help grow my business I have had so many more leads come in. My site is on the top of Google for several Cincinnati searches and my phone calls have 3x since using their services.

by Gregory Rogers on Cincinnati, Ohio - Scott Keever SEO
This company has far exceeded my expectations.

This company has far exceeded my expectations. Most other agencies in town do the bare minimum. These guys deliver real results.

by Amy Cross on Cincinnati, Ohio - Scott Keever SEO
Scott is very knowledgeable and helped tremendously

Scott is very knowledgeable and helped tremendously with in-depth SEO data. I highly recommend his services.