SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Vs. Paid Ads

  • September 2, 2016
  • Scott Keever SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Webpages adopt various strategies to be displayed in the top results of search engines. Two common strategies are Paid Search and organic search commonly referred to as SEO (search engine optimization). Both can be great ways to generate leads or new clients, however both take expert knowledge to gain positive results. Here at our Tampa Seo Company we have broken down the difference between paid ads and SEO.

What is SEO?

In its basic sense, SEO refers to strategies a webpage or website adopts to appear in the top results on the page of a search engine for free. Through a period of 25 years, Search Engine Optimization has developed from an unregulated period, where anything was allowed on a search engine’s page to the more regulated regime where webpages who flout a search engine’s regulations are banned. Think of as the transition from the Wild West to the rule of law enjoyed on the streets of New York today. Although it is getting a lot more strict and regulated, Seo is still one of the best ways to advertise your business.

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Roles of SEO

How to Rank in the Top Results of Search Engines

SEO is a strategy for webpages or websites to effectively reach the top pages of a search engine for free. Many visitors of search engines usually explore the first options that display their search. Through SEO, websites which meet the regulations of search engines are visited regularly at no cost to the webpage. Many search engines generate revenue from queries on their webpages. For this purpose, some websites pay to be listed among the first results of search engine queries. This is done through services like Google Adwords. Depending on your niche using google Adwords can be very expensive. I’ve had to spend a $1,000,000+ per year to maintain a top ranking in Adwords for one of my niches. Webpages who cannot afford to spend this kind of money to be displayed, apply SEO strategies to be listed.

Provision of Relevant Content for Search Engine Queries

Through SEO, search engine content provide relevant content for searches. Imagine if what you would be seeing the next time you turned on your television and realized any program was going to be televised without supervision. There would be chaos. A myriad of programs would come up without warning and you may not like your TV again. Well, that’s one benefit of search engine optimization. Through the rules created by search engines, webpage’s create value driven content to ensure surfers are adequately satisfied with their queries. Those good at SEO such as a Tampa Seo Company, apply the right tactics to ensure the search engine see’s their website as valuable content for the particular search.

To Put Organizations Ahead of the Competition

In a situation where two organizations are selling similar products through their websites, SEO ensures customers visit the webpages meeting the search engine’s SEO regulations. To explain further, search engines display results of webpages that meet their SEO regulations and seem most relevant. As many users visit the top searches of a search engine query, there lies a greater likelihood they would open the results of websites that appear first.Companies in turn reach their customers more and improve business for free through the best Tampa SEO company.

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Differences between paid search and organic search (SEO)

Paid Search results are displayed first before organic search results.

Usually set apart on the top listings of a search engine’s query, paid search results come first before other organic or SEO results. For instance if you type a query such as hotels on Google, a number of results would first display with a tag ad underneath. These are paid search results and are displayed before organic webpages. See the example below. The green area indicates ad space while the pink area displays SEO rankings.


Paid Search is not Subject to webpage regulations on posting.

Paid search, unlike organic search, only relies on finance to be posted on a search engine. A webpage need not obey the regulations of a search engine’s SEO guidelines to have a top display ranking. The benefits are that firms enjoy a reasonable amount of surfers visiting their page. Again, remember visitors to search engines usually consider the results from about the list of top 5 displays. Some analysts have identified paid search visitations to outweigh organic search by a ratio of 2:1. Again, from the example above, hotels on Google first display content mostly of an advertising feature. The next results (organic search results) thereafter, contain detailed explanations into hotels and other keywords necessary for the search query. A lot this is great news to be able to pay to have your website listed at the top, it comes at a price and it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will want someone who is proficient in Google analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Search Console just to name a few.

Paid Search serves more of an advertising purpose

Webpages that apply paid search strategies usually aim to quickly reach their customers with their services. This is a great tool for Seo Tampa Agency experts. The benefit of being displayed first allows firms create content tailor made to suite their customers. Displays on queries such as cars direct users to business and organizations who deal in vehicles-that is if they have paid to be displayed-come up first before other issues relating to cars. After which the informative purpose searches usually organic searches, are displayed.

Paid search pages display on the top pages of search engines immediately; whereas organic webpages take time to reach the top ranks of a search engine’s query. Organic search results can take from weeks to months to reach a top rank whereas a paid search is displayed on top ranks immediately.

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