Tampa Florida Beaches

Overview Of The Best Tampa Florida Beaches

If you have ever wanted to visit Tampa in Florida, one of the best times to visit his during the summer. Not only will you have access to the city, and all of the wonderful tourist attractions, but you will also be able to see the beaches. Tampa has some of the nicest beaches in Florida, and there are several to choose from. In the midst of your stay, you might want to consider spending just a few of those at some of the top beaches in the Tampa area. Here are a few of the most highly recommended Tampa Florida Beaches that you can visit with your significant other, or bring your entire family.

Tampa Florida Beaches

Indian Rocks Beach

Like many of the beaches that are in or around Tampa, this beach has white sand. One of the reasons that people frequent this particular beaches that is typically less crowded than many of the more popular destinations. There are about 20 places where you can access the beach. It is quite large, and because so few people go there, you will feel as if you have found something special. However, if you want to go to a beach that is much more expansive, and closer to other beaches, you should visit Sand Key Park.

Sand Key Park Beach

This is a very family-friendly location, a place that is south of Clearwater. This beach offers access points at multiple locations, and there is a boardwalk and nature trail available. It’s a beautiful park, one that has a very wide beach, one that extends for quite a distance. You will certainly not feel crowded there because of its size, and it is less popular than many of the others.

St. Pete Beach

This is a beach that is adjacent to a town of the same name. It was actually recommended as one of the top 10 beach towns just a few years ago. It actually has white sand beaches, something very unique, similar to what you will see in Hawaii at Hapuna Beach on the Big Island. You are going to have access to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and there is plenty of room for everyone.

Treasure Island Beach

This is a beach that is very popular because of its location, but also because of its name. You will encounter a very retro vibe when you visit during the summer. Like St. Pete Beach, it has white sand, and it is extremely wide, making it possible for a multitude of people to be on the beach without any space problems. There is also a paved trail that will allow you to visit shops, restaurants, or even head back to your hotel.

Fort De Soto Park Beach

This is a beach that many people envision if they ever wanted to go camping on a beach. There are about a thousand acres of preserved land, an area that encompasses five separate islands. There is a 7 mile paved trail where you will see people walking, jogging, or riding the bike. There are also a couple of piers where you can do a little bit of fishing even if you don’t have a license.

Honeymoon Island State Park Beach

This is a location that is well known by those that travel to Caladesi Island, but it is also known for how beautiful the beach is. You can see incredible sunsets from the beach, a 4 mile wide area that has white sand. You may even see Osprey nesting near the water.

Clearwater Beach

This is, by far, the best destination to visit if you want to experience a Tampa beach. This was voted as the best beach town in Florida, and it has beautiful groomed beaches and many different amenities that will keep you busy all day. It is a large beach, fully able to accommodate hundreds of people, and you can also go to Clearwater Aquarium that is nearby. There are always events going on, but if you simply want to see one of the best beaches in the state of Florida, you need to go to Clearwater Beach and spend the day relaxing.

These are just a few recommendations on the top beaches in Tampa that are currently open and accessible. You are certainly going to have a good time if you travel during the summer. Although you could visit all of these beaches, you might want to just pick one or two and spend a day just enjoying your time in the sun.

Other than the attractive beaches, there are many other things that you can go for while your stay in Tampa. Adding onto the fun of your Tampa visit, don’t forget to Discover The Tampa Bay Rays. Tampa is a major adventure attraction and a home of Top business companies too.

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