Tampa International Airport

An Overview Of The Tampa International Airport

There is an airport about 6 miles west of Tampa called the Tampa International Airport. It is owned by the HCAA, and is an airport that has been considered one of the best in Florida because of its architecture. It contains its trademark landside and airsides, terms that are representative of the central terminal and satellite air terminal gates, respectively. Once referred to as the Drew Field Municipal Airport, this name was changed back in the 1950s. There are about 20 major airlines that fly in and out of this airport. There are also cargo carriers and regional airlines that use this facility. The main airline that flies out of this airport is Southwest Airlines, but it is also known for many other things. Here is an overview of this airport which provides a place for people to arrive and depart out of the Tampa area.

Tampa International Airport

When Was It Originally Constructed?

This was made back in the 1920s. It was actually used by the US Army Air Corps many years ago. This prompted its name to change from Drew Field to the Drew Army Airfield, and this was subsequently renamed Tampa International Airport when international flights started to come in. Today, there are the well-known landside and airside terminals, referring to where people are landing and where passengers are going to depart. This same design was implemented at the Orlando International Airport, but it is very different by design. There are four airsides that have a total of 59 gates. One of the differences that you will notice once you arrive at this airport are not just the terminals, but the way that they convey people to the locations where they will be departing out of the airport.

Airside And Landside Terminals

There is one unique aspect of this airport and that is the airside and landside terminals. These reference areas where people are landing and departing. Back in the 1970s, it was the first to create what is called a mover system. These are actually small trains that people get on in order to take them to their destination at the airport. You will see similar ones available at airports like Miami or Phoenix international. The goal is to convey people to where they need to go without needing to walk the entire distance.

Airlines That Fly Out Of Tampa International

There are several major airlines that fly in and out of this airport. Some of the most well-known ones are Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, British Airways, United, Spirit Airlines, Lufthansa, and Cayman Airways that flies directly to Grand Cayman. This airport has expanded significantly in recent years, allowing it to accommodate even more airlines. This would include Havana Air, Frontier Airlines, Iceland Air and the very popular Southwest Airlines. It is a very busy airport, and it also accommodates many cargo flights that come in including Amazon Prime Air.

Where Is It Located?

If you travel south down from downtown Tampa, you will eventually make your way to the George J Bean Parkway. It is recommended that you arrive a minimum of an hour before your flight so that you can go through the TSA lines to get through. It is a spacious airline, and you may have to get use to the unique way that the airport is set up. However, once you are inside, it will be business as usual as you wait to depart on your flight.

Although this is not one of the busiest airports, because of its unique location, it does take people to destinations that are not the usual. For example, there are so many people that fly over Cuba to the Cayman Islands, landing directly on Grand Cayman for their vacation. This is a popular destination for many people because of the bioluminescent waters and also the Manta Ray tours that are also available. It also has flights that will take you directly to places like Iceland which is also another popular destination. Now that you know a little bit more about this airport, you might want to consider taking some of the flights that it has to offer. Even if it is your layover for a couple of hours, you will get to see this beautiful airport and all that it has to offer.

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