The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC

The Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC

If you have been to Washington DC before, you know that The Lincoln Memorial is one of the more popular destinations. It is a building that honors President Abraham Lincoln, and was crafted by an architect by the name of Henry Bacon. One of the reasons for this monument is because of the conduct of Abraham Lincoln, a person that is said to be representative of the Republican Party. It uses a very specific style, similar to other buildings that are used not only in the United States, but places worldwide. Let’s discuss the origins of the Lincoln Memorial and what you can expect once you get to Washington DC to see it.

Origins Of The Lincoln Memorial

This Memorial is the combination of many experts that possessed impeccable architectural skills. The Memorial was designed by Henry Bacon. The statue was designed by someone called Daniel Chester French. It was carved by two brothers that worked together, which are referenced below, and a painter by the name of Jules Guerin that produced the interior murals. It has been in existence since 1922, and became a tourist attraction starting in the 1930s. It is often referenced when people are talking about race relations as Lincoln was the president that played a prominent role in the Civil War where the nation was divided on issues such as slavery.

Inscriptions That Are Out The Lincoln Memorial

There are a couple of inscriptions that reference what Abraham Lincoln is well known for. One of them is the Gettysburg Address. The other references a speech that he gave during his second inaugural address. There have been many speeches that have been done at this Memorial, most notably by Martin Luther King Jr. His memorable speech happened in 1963 which he entitled I Have A Dream. The Lincoln Memorial is actually part of what is called the National Mall. There are other memorials that are part of this area of Washington DC which includes those that are dedicated to veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It is also listed as part of the National Register of Historic Places, and has been self since 1966. The Memorial is open 24 hours a day, allowing people from all over the world to visit this location as it fits into their schedule.

The Exterior Of The Lincoln Memorial

The exterior of this building is made with Yule marble. This was extracted and delivered from the state of Colorado. The architecture mimics Greek temples, similar to other structures in this general vicinity. It is designed with 36 fluted Doric columns, and these are representative of the 36 states that were, at the time, part of the Union. These are extremely tall columns, measuring 44 feet, and 12 drums are stacked on top of each other, including the capital at the top. There are also inscriptions of dates such as the day of Lincoln’s death, and there are ribbons and palm leaves much higher up as part of a garland that forms the upper decorative part of this Memorial.

The Interior Of The Lincoln Memorial

The interior of this structure consists of three separate chambers. There are a couple of rows, each consisting of four separate Ionic columns. The area where the Lincoln statue is measured 60 feet in width and 74 feet in depth. There are many symbolic elements that can be seen which include 48 stone festunes which are representative of all of the 48 states at the time of his presidency.

The Statue Of Abraham Lincoln

This is a magnificent statue, characterizing Abraham Lincoln in a very distinct way. All of the pictures that you have seen are certainly embodied in this statue which stands 19 feet in height. It is estimated that, if this were carved with Lincoln standing, he would have stood 28 feet tall. The statue itself is made of Georgia white marble. It has a total weight of 159 tons. When it was constructed, it came in 28 separate pieces.

There are many other interesting features associated with the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It is considered to be a symbolically sacred space, one that is reflective of the civil rights movement. It is also representative of national unity, something that was fought for back in the 1800s during the Civil War, and without Lincoln in charge, it may have gone a completely different way. It is because of his fortitude as a president, and the desire to abolish slavery, that he was able to bring America out of this horrible time. He is certainly a president that deserves recognition, and this is embodied in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, a monument that everyone should see at least once.

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The Statue Of Abraham Lincoln

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