The US Capitol Building And The Library Of Congress

Plan To Tour The US Capitol Building And The Library Of Congress In Washington DC

Washington DC is the nation’s capital, and so The US Capitol Building would be a good place of interest to pick for a visit. The Library of Congress is another one, and can you imagine how many books are there? One thing I have learned about The Library of Congress in the past is it is how you get your manuscripts copyrighted. Both are historical places of interest in DC, and it is time to discover more about each as you plan your visit to the nation’s capital.

The US Capitol Building

The US Capitol Building And The Library Of Congress

We are going to start with the US Capitol Building, which is located on East Capitol St NE and First Street SE. The US Capitol Building is ranked #20 out of 458 things to do in the DC area. By the way, when you sign up for certain tours, some of them include both the US Capitol Building and the Library of Congress.

You can see the House and Senate Chambers, but you do need passes. Some people mention that some of the areas are restricted at times. You will get to see the rotunda, statuary hall and the crypt. Reviews mention that there is an old senate chamber that you get to visit as well. The tour guides are said to provide very interesting stories about the history of the place.

It is also mentioned that you can eat lunch at the food court there. It is also said that you get to overlook the place where the inauguration is held. Many reviews say that the best way to get a tour of the building is to get in touch with your congressman or congresswoman months ahead of time. Some people mention being able to watch the Congress and Senate in action.

You check in at the Visitors Center. You get to see a video as well as take the tour. One reviewer said that you are told about the House and Senate passes while touring and that some people are able to obtain them on the spot. I don’t think I would want to take the chance of course, but I’m sure it helps people who don’t know to try and obtain passes from Congress ahead of time. You know now that’s what you need to do.

The Library Of Congress

The Library Of Congress

It is time to look at The Library of Congress now. It is located on Independence Avenue SE, and one of the things that people talk about seeing is the Gutenberg Bible. The building itself is said to be quite impressive, too, and there are of course many great exhibits. Just a quick tip: Reviews say that the downstairs entrance isn’t as crowded as the entrance upstairs.

By the way, there is an underground tunnel that connects the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress. Yes, that is the type of story that sounds like it is from the movie National Treasure, but is is true. Not only is it true, but it is commonly used. It is a good idea to take the tunnel to get to the LOC from the Capitol Building.

You need a research pass to access the reading room and get the grand view. That is one thing about your visit to the nation’s capital, the passes. You need to have all the passes you can have secured done so ahead of time. According to reviews, you can tour the building without taking the official tour, but you get to see more and do more if you take that official tour and have a research pass, too. There are actually three buildings that comprise the LOC. Check out the early map exhibits and so much more. If you have a work that is copyrighted there, it would be so cool to find the submission if it were possible.

Expect a great tour of both facilities if you have your affairs in order. It sounds like a lot to be able to have access to the tours and passes in hand. If you are able to do all that is available to tourists at the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress, it certainly sounds like a privilege. I would recommend starting to plan this trip out a year ahead of time so that you get to do everything you want to do in Washington DC.

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While you are on a trip to Washington DC, The National Gallery Of Art In Washington DC

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