Vizcaya Mansion Museum And Gardens

Visit The Beautiful Vizcaya Mansion Museum And Gardens In Miami Florida

Vizcaya Mansion Museum And Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of Miami’s top attractions. In fact, this place is #1 in Miami for things to do according to a top travel site. You will find it on South Miami Avenue, and there is an orchid garden there. The attraction is right off of Biscayne Bay, and reviews say that you should plan for the visit taking about a half a day.

History Of Vizcaya Mansion Museum And Gardens

Wouldn’t it be so cool to check out a beautiful French style mansion? It is mentioned that the mansion and the gardens once belonged to James Deering. Do you know who that is? He was the Vice President of International Harvester. According to reviews, the property and gardens used to be a total of 180 acres, but evidently it is smaller these days.

The mansion was built in 1914, or at least that was the year that construction began. It would take a total of two more years for the mansion to be finished, and the gardens took even longer than that as you can imagine. People say that you have to make sure to pay attention to the ceilings inside the mansion as you take the tour.

Things to Do in Vizcaya Mansion Museum And Gardens

The place can get a little busy, too. Some people report the ticket processing of course taking a little time, and they say the mansion tour lasts a couple hours itself. You might be thinking historic mansion, great, but you have seen nice homes before. What’s the big deal? First, some people say it’s the most magnificent and majestic home they have ever laid eyes on. Remember, it is the #1 ranked attraction in Miami after all. This is Miami we are talking about here, a big city well known for its glitz and glamour.

Do you know about or have you heard of Coconut Grove? This is the neighborhood that this property is located in, and the mansion isn’t the only building on the property. There is a compound of village outbuildings, too, and of course you also get to check out the Italian Renaissance Gardens. The landscape isn’t the only part of the property that was influenced by the Italian Renaissance, as the mansion was as well.

Plus, they say the design is Mediterranean Revival architecture, and that there are also Baroque elements. It is quite a masterpiece, landscaping included. There are fountains in the gardens, and of course you get a great view of the bay as well. The reviews say that you can opt for a guided tour. You will be greeted by a nice staff, and people say that the entire place is quite an amazing experience.

Just wait until you see the marine iguanas, and reviewers even talk about a casino. I bet you didn’t quite expect that, did you? Remember the mention about the orchid garden? It is also mentioned that there are orchids growing in the trees. A lily pond is also on site, and it sounds like you would want to spend as much time in the gardens as you would inside the home.

The entire property is now owned by the county. If you are thinking you are getting a lot of information here, just wait until you see what happens when you show up for the tour. It will be interesting getting to learn about the history of the place, don’t you think? You can also see pictures before your visit.

The history books say the place was robbed in 1971. Also, I assumed that the original 180 acres had been downsized. However, I’m not so sure now because there was a boundary increase in November of 1978. As for the robbery, the burglars made away with silver and artwork, to the tune of 1.5 million dollars.

One person talks about the beds being small, and that is what you can expect in a home from the 20th century. Now you just have to see the rest once you make it to Miami Dade County. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens await, and you will have a great time while there. You just have to get your ticket and expect quite an adventure upon your arrival. It may be the most beautiful historical property that you have ever visited.

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