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While visiting Westchase area of Tampa, do visit the three popular restaurants of the area to calm your hunger pangs.

Three Westchase FL Restaurants In The Tampa Bay Area

Located in Hillsborough County and part of the popular city of Tampa Bay area, Westchase Florida is a great neighborhood to call home or to visit. What are your plans? Why not stop by Keystone, Palm Harbor and Citrus Park, too? As you make your way to Westchase, you are going to find all kinds of adventures.

As you work up that appetite, you might want to visit one of these three top restaurants in the area.

  • Grille 54 is located on Sheldon Road, and it is known as a place to get some brunch. Grille 54 also features a great wine list. Sushi and seafood seem to be the main draws. It should also be noted that the reviews say this establishment is great for both families and the dating crowd. People mention live music as well, so this place seems to have it all.
  • There are other great restaurants in the Westchase area though, and Zen Bistro is one of them. This establishment is also well known for its sushi, but there is much more to eat there, too. Zen Bistro is located on West Linebaugh Avenue. Reviews mentions that this place delivers, so that is an added bonus if you want to stay put.
  • Ballyhoo Grill is also quite popular. Located on Ehrlich Road, Ballyhoo Grill features live music and outdoor seating. It is said to be a vegetarian friendly restaurant, and meat eaters need not worry either. Jumbo chicken wings are on the menu, among many other great eats.

You can’t go wrong with these three great Westchase FL restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. Have a blast down there checking out all the popular things to do, and stop in for a bite to eat when you are ready. It will be good times for sure.

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