The White House And The Washington Monument

Make Plans To Visit The White House And The Washington Monument While In DC

The White House Washington

Two popular attractions to visit in the DC area are The Washington Monument and The White House. It’s hard to go to DC and are least not lay eyes on these two places of interest. They are not far from each other at all. So you can plan on visiting both of them one after the other. Let’s take a look at both top attractions, The White House and The Washington Monument, in Washington DC.

The White House

You have probably heard the address for The White House many times, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House of course offers tours, and reviews say that the tours start at 7:30 AM. You are certainly going to see Secret Service agents everywhere, and reviewers mention talking to them. They are supposedly quite chatty and helpful, which is nice considering everything they have on their plates to do.

It is interesting to read about what different people see when they tour The White House. People talk about the North and South Lawns. You might see one person mention it looks just like what you see in a movie, while another person who visited at a different time will report one of the lawns being dug up at that particular moment. It is The White House in full operation, so you can imagine that every visit would be a little different.

As for both of the lawns, people do say that the north lawn has better views. Some people say that the fences surrounding the property keep getting pushed further out. One person talks about getting to see Marine One land on the South Lawn. That would be really cool to see for sure.

Evidently, you have to apply months in advance to get to be able to tour The White House. It takes awhile to get the invite, so you really want to make sure you plan ahead of time. It is your congressional representative that eventually lets you know if you are cleared to visit The White House, and of course that is after a background check.

One place you don’t get to see when you tour The White House is the Oval Office. That is to be expected of course, and there are of course other areas you don’t get to see. Still, you get in the door, and you get to walk around quite a bit in there. People do say that the tour is self guided, and so you walk around by yourself. However, there are secret service agents of course in all the rooms, and they are available to help answer questions. Some of them even have funny stories.

Driving Directions

The Washington Monument

Now let’s look at The Washington Monument. It is located near 15th Street and Madison Drive NW. This is an attraction that you can easily visit as you make your way around what is called The National Mall. You can hop on a glass elevator that will take you to the top of the monument, where you will find a small museum. You of course also get great views of the city from up there.

It can take a little while having to wait in line, but it is worth the wait. You also need to get tickets ahead of time, but they are free. Some reviewers say that if you show up really early in the morning, you can get free tickets and make it in right away when the monument opens up for the day. Some people talk about purchasing tickets ahead of time for a small fee so that you don’t have to worry about not getting a ticket. That would make sense, too, but it just just depends on what you want to do.

There are quite a few things to see in Washington DC, but these two attractions are certainly a couple of the most popular. Which one would you visit first? It would be fun to make sure you get to visit and tour both of them. Remember to see the rest of the National Mall area as well. You now know what to expect as you make it by both The White House and The Washington Monument while you and your family are vacationing in Washington DC.

While you are in Washington DC, don’t forget to visit The National World War II Memorial Washington DC which is a must-see attraction.

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