Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami Is One Of The Best In The Nation And Will Be So Much Fun

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami has been open since 1948, but it hasn’t always been at the same location. In fact, it used to be at Crandon Park. It did, however, move to its current location at SW 152nd Street in 1980, so it has been there for quite some time. While it is known as Zoo Miami for short, its official name is Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. It is the 7th ranked attraction in Miami, even though it is technically outside of the city limits yet still part of Miami Dade County and the greater metro area.

Zoo Miami is a pretty big place, too, so people say that you need to make sure you wear comfortable shoes. There are tons of animals, and you even get to feed the giraffes. I don’t know about you, but I love it when you get to feed the animals. People love the Everglades animals exhibit, and of course that is totally a part of the zoo that completely fits Florida.

There are endangered species at the zoo that are part of a breeding program to help them survive. Reviewers talk about the on site animal hospital, too. As you can imagine, Zoo Miami is a world of fun for the kids. One person talks about having visited many zoos in many major cities, and she said that the zoo in Miami is impressive. It is one of the best for sure, if not the best.

Another reviewer talks about seeing animals from South America that they had not had the chance of seeing anywhere else. If you visit a zoo and get to see animals that you have never laid eyes on, that makes the visit extra special. Another thing you might be interested in when it comes to getting around the zoo is renting a bike. That can make things much easier, and plenty of people of people talk about doing that.

Remember that Crandon Park is the former location of this zoo. Not everyone knows that of course, especially since it moved in 1980. The reason I mention it again is that you might have heard of the old Crandon Park Zoo prior to it closing down. Now you know why it closed down. It moved to where Zoo Miami is now located.

People compliment this zoo concerning how well cared for the animals are, and that’s good. Zoos are of course supposed to take really good care of their animals, but if you are like me, you might wonder sometimes. There are some pretty big animals there, and well, you know, the whole captivity thing. That is one reason why I have been more about animal sanctuaries at times, but I still like zoos.

Zoos are fun, great education for the kids, and like I mentioned, this zoo is said to take very good care of the animal residents. Also, on top of renting a bike, you can take the train shuttle at times, too. It will help you navigate and get to areas of the zoo. If you need to get a bite to eat, a food court is on site. One reviewer talked about there being quite a wait for food though.

One thing that is great about this zoo is that it is said to have tons of natural areas. That does still mean the animals are still kept inside them of course, but they have more space instead of being caged. That’s just another reason why this zoo is known for taking care of its animals. Zoo Miami sure does have quite a lot of space.

It’s funny to me how some people complain about having to go so far around the zoo to see the animals. Well, do they want the animals to have their space? People would complain about the animals being caged in close quarters if they weren’t so spread out. I do sympathize about all the walking though because it can be hard on people. Don’t get in a rush, and expect that kind of environment when you get to Zoo Miami. It will be a sacrifice, but those animals love their space. Stay cool, and it would help if they didn’t overcharge for drinks. The reviews mention that, too, but it will be a blast.

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