How To Start An E-Commerce Business

  • April 6, 2016
  • Scott Keever SEO

How To Start An E-Commerce Business

Over the years, a large quantity of individuals has been able to generate a substantial amount of income by selling goods online. Of course, these individuals didn’t start out as success stories. Instead, they were required to establish themselves online and market their goods and services. As long as you’re willing to work hard and utilize the right platforms, you too can make a good living by selling online. If you wish to start your own e-commerce business, you should follow the guide below.

Find A Niche

It is essential to remember that you’re never going to be able to compete with Amazon or Wal-Mart. In order to become a success online, you need to offer something that cannot be found elsewhere. Originality is key and will help you claim a large quantity of the market fairly quickly. To find something suitable to sell, you’ll need to do a little research on your key market and find something that will satisfy the needs these individuals have and cannot satisfy elsewhere.

Pick A Platform

Once you’ve figured out precisely what you’re going to sell, you’ll need to pick out a platform. Although it is possible to open your own website, it is generally easier and more convenient to stick with a proven platform, such as Shopify or Amazon. Shopify makes it possible for e-commerce business owners to sell through various means, including online, social media, and even in your store. And, your store will be completely customizable. However, Amazon is proven and people are more than familiar with the online shopping website, so it does have a few perks as well.


With Shopify, it is possible to build a fully functionality online website within a matter of seconds. And, you’ll be able to manage unlimited products, while also gaining access to analytics and other statistics regarding your sales. Shopify is comprehensive and will handle many key tasks for you, including marketing and payment processing. And, the company is even willing to handle shipping in some cases. The biggest difference between Amazon and Shopify is the price. Shopify requires users to pay per month, whereas Amazon takes fees for each sale. So, if you sell a lot of items, Shopify may very well be your best choice.


Amazon is truly very similar to Shopify. It’ll give you the ability to setup your own online store, market your items, and make money. You can also take using one Amazon’s Fulfillment service. With this service, Amazon will take your items and deal with your customers on your behalf. Unfortunately, Amazon may become more expensive than Shopify, if you happen to sell more frequently. The referral fees range from approximately eight to fifteen percent and depend on the item sold. Nonetheless, Amazon is used by millions of individuals, so using it will give you access to these customers immediately.

Thrive And Survive

Finally, it is essential to never remain content. Continue monitoring your statistics, marketing your store, and doing everything in your power to benefit new sales. With patience and persistence, you will eventually have a successful e-commerce business and will be able to make money from your own home.

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